A Word From the Lord

Greetings Beloved:

As the spirit of the Lord speaks expressedly, he says that a mighty move of Him is taking place. God has sent many warnings admonishing his people to repent of their hidden sins.

Many have turned a deaf ear to the warnings of God. They have become stiffed necked, rebellious,  and hard hearted. Sexual perversion is on the rise. We are in a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Surely, you do not think this behavior will go unnoticed by God and not be dealt with? It has not and it will be.

We have seen an unveiling in politics, the lives of celebrities and now an unveiling is coming to the church. From the pulpit to the back door. God is unveiling. Many Pastors are compromising with sin and allowing unrighteousness and unholiness to linger and thrive in the church. The blood will be acquired to your hands for misleading the flock and you will be dealt with.

 The devil have many of you thinking you will not be caught and your sins are hidden, but not so. This is hisone of his specialities, DECEPTION!

Many have taken advantaged of the grace of God and have continue to liberally sin, but again, God is beginning to unveil those sins.  Watch and see!

Tragedies and unveilings will occur so frequently that one will say, " Oh my God, what is happening!"

Beloved, get right with God now. Play time is over. Be who you say you are. Do not be a counterfeit Christian, because God will expose you.

Be holy, because God is holy. Do not compromise with sin regardless of who it is. Again, Don't Compromise with sin!

P. S.  It will not be business as usual. All loose ends are being tied. You are about to see why you had to go through what you went through. Again, Watch God move mightily for you!

All I can say beloved is WOW!